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Titanium Welded Pipe


Titanium Welded Pipe


Commodity: Seamless Titanium Tube, Titanium Pipe, Titanium Welded Pipe
Standard: ASTM B861 / ASME SB861 / ASTM B337 / ASME SB337 (Titanium Seamless Pipe); ASTM B862 / ASME SB862 (Titanium Welded Pipe); ASTM B338 / ASME SB338 (Seamless and Welded Titanium and Titanium Alloy Tubes for Condensers and Heat Exchangers).
Grade: Gr1, Gr2, Gr7, Gr9, Gr12

Size range of tube
1. Capillary tube size range: OD: 0.8-4.0mm, Thickness: 0.05-1.0mm, Length: 10-1500mm
2. Common tube size range: OD: 6.0-323mm, Thickness: 0.5-8.0mm, Length: 10-13000mm
3. Common welded pipe size range: OD: ≥133mm, Thickness: 1.5-15mm, Length: By request


Seamless titanium tubes process of production
Testing items for titanium tube and titanium pipe
1. Chemical composition and mechanical properties
2. Bending, flaring, flattening, hydraulic, eddy current, ultrasonic (against different specification or specific requirement by customer)


Quality Control Titanium Tube
Application of titanium tube
1. Heat exchangers and condensers.
2. All kinds of corrosive fluid transmission pipeline system.
3. Titanium bicycle tube, automobile exhaust pipe.
4. Offshore aquaculture.


Application of titanium tube
We can also supply Titanium U-tubes and other shapes of Titanium Tubes & Pipes, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question or requirement.