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M6 x 20mm Titanium Disc Brake Rotor Bolts

M6x20mm Titanium Disc Brake Rotor Bolts for Suzuki Yamaha R1 R6 Silver


M6 x 20mm Titanium Disc Rotor Mount Set Bolts Screws For Suzuki GSXR Yamaha R1 R6 YZF.


Product Type: Brake / Caliper
Size: M6 x 20mm (The specified length is supported.)
Thread Diameter: M6(6mm)
Thread Pitch: 1.00mm
Head Diameter: 14mm
Head Height: 5.2mm
Bolt Length: 20mm
Thread Length: 14mm
Allen Key: 5mm

These components are made from Aerospace Grade Titanium Alloy (Gr.5 Ti-6Al-4V), they are fully CNC machined with rolled threads and are a fraction of the weight of the standard steel bolts while maintaining the same strength characteristics. They are also corrosion resistant so will not rust and will continue to look good and give excellent service for years to come.


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